Tim Foxall The “Oh no! Not the soup!”




Oh no! Not the soup!

He’s only kidding!  He loves soup!  And stir-fry, spaghetti bolognese, ratatouille and anything else you care to offer him.

These are an ever-popular part of the range. Their labels tend to say:

“Ok, ok! If you’ll stop burning my feet I’ll tell you everything I know.”
“Oh no, not the SOUP!’
“Why me?”

No two spatulas will ever be exactly the same.  Tim Foxall doesn’t use templates.  Each piece of wood is different, and the shape, curve and grain make up the character of each spatula.  Cut, sanded, finished and oiled by hand, each one is unique, and the photographs should be treated as a fairly accurate guide only.  This one is in beech.