Cessna Bird Dog Kit

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Style:  Free Flight
Wingspan:  21" (535mm)
Ease of Build:  Beginner
Power:  Rubber


Three balsa sheets with precise laser cut parts and strip wood.
PVA glue for building the wooden frames.
One 150mm diameter plastic propeller.
One pre-bent motor hook and shaft.
Three low friction plastic ‘nose’ bushings– one for the propeller and two for the undercarriage wheels.
Piano wire for the main undercarriage legs and tail wheel.
A motor peg (cocktail stick /toothpick).
Rubber motor strip.
A piece of clear acetate for the windows and “trim tabs”.
Tissue to cover the model (green plus a small piece of black).
Parts reference sheets (W), full size summary plan sheets (X), scheme diagram sheet (Y) and scheme markings (Z) printed on lightweight paper.

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